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A Golden Sunset Family Session

Ya'll, this session was gorgeous through & through. The Paige family were not only the sweetest, most loving people- but they were hilarious. I cannot tell you how any laughs we shared this day. The best part was when we started chatting about portrait studios, and how I dig a more natural approach to photography. I said "I'm definitely not Owen Wilson for sure". Then I realized, Its Olan Mills. We could have cried we laughed so hard. If one thing is for sure, I am most definitely NOT Owen Wilson, not even close.




Through this session, we experienced pure sweetness, cuddles & love. It felt so magical to be apart of such beautiful moments.

Then it was time for the little guy's portraits. I showed him where to stand, and he decided he didn't want to just look elegant, he wanted to look like a superhero, and you know what? He was the coolest one we had ever seen. The first image below is a beautiful shot of his "Spider-man move".

We embrace childhood in all of it's tiny glory. We love to let them be little, because they wont be little for long. In these images, his personality truly does shine through.

Oh but there is SO much more in our albums than just your family photos, we care about the details.

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