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Adventurous Couples Session

Meet Taylor & Ryan, the most adventurous couple we know. They wanted different- so they asked and they received.

The Mountain Session with a View of a Lifetime

Every second of this evening was a dream. (I mean, maybe not the hike up, but everything else.) You'd think that standing a mile up, on top of the world, would be scary- But I'll tell you that it's the opposite. It is one of the most peaceful, quiet, and magical feelings. That's what this session was made of, pure magic. Ryan & Taylor are two young and in-love, amazingly beautiful people. They have a passion like no other, and they proved it on that mountain top. As they danced to the sounds of the wind blowing, it was so obvious that these two were made to be. Speaking of the wind- Ryan's hat blew off TWICE. The first time, it had luckily landed in a bush so he was able to grab it. The second time, he wasn't so lucky. That hat flew over those mountains so fast, singing 'Free bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I don't think any of us had ever laughed as hard as we did during our session.

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