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Stormy Maternity Session

You know what they say, after every storm comes a rainbow. Or in this case- cows & fog. To be honest, I'll take that over a rainbow any day.

When it comes to rain, a lot of people decide to reschedule, or move their session indoors. When Shaye asked if we could wait out the storm, you already know we about fell out of our chairs! YES! I always suggest keeping your session in the rain as an option, because you never know what kind of glory it will bring! Can you say worth it?

Shaye & Lane have the most incredible bond. One of those bonds that brings us so much joy to capture! Lane is truly his mamas best friend, and watching them spin around in the overcasting fog was just plain magical. He was kissing on her, hugging her, whispering secrets to his new baby sister, and was overall so excited to be a big brother. I mean, how SWEET are these?

Not to mention how ridiculously sweet Shaye is. She has a heart of gold! She is always so patient, calm, and loving. This mama is equally as stunning on the outside as she is on the inside. We could not be more honored she continues to choose us to capture the sweetest moments in the world. Another beautiful, authentic session in the books.

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